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Boost Outdoors offers tailored outdoor adventure programming and wilderness education for all group sizes, ages and abilities.


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Our team works with you or your group to craft appropriately challenging experiences.

Our Leaders

Our guides go above and beyond to ensure your trip is unforgettable. We hire the most-experienced guides around.

About Boost

Boost Outdoors facilitates opportunities to engage nature, self and others through tailored outdoor adventure programming.


Boost WIth Us

Boost Outdoors guides have many years of experience in climbing, guiding and wilderness know-how. Our guides are a mix of seasoned climbers, backcountry masters and avid fisherman. From a simple bouldering excursion for young children to technical multi-day expeditions, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you there and back safely.


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Need a wilderness adventure perfectly tailored with you or your group in mind? Let our team of adventure experts create the perfect expereince for you.


Boost Adventures

Explore places you've never dreamed of. Traverse mountains, cross rivers & scale granite walls all across New England. Sign up today for one of our pre-programmed trips.

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