Boost With Us


Boost Outdoors offers tailored outdoor adventure programming and wilderness education for all group sizes, ages and abilities. Our experienced guides works with groups, families, and individuals to craft appropriately challenging experiences designed to BUILD and BOOST confidence, learning, self-efficacy, well-being, and integrity.


Why Boost?

Whatever your need  –  for adventure, for cleansing, or just to get unstuck from the muddy shore – the pace and rigor ought to match your readiness. Think of Boost Outdoors as a stream that comes to you. We ask what you need to help inform us on where to take you and what adventure seek out. We excel in tailoring each trip to ensure the maximum positive outcome.

It’s tough to live a life in hindsight. We facilitate forward-looking experiences that meet you where you’re at and carry you to where you can safely & confidently launch yourself toward self-defined goal.



Our services are available to everyone.  We accommodate a wide range of needs, experience levels, goals and interests. Our services are often sought by first responders, families in need of unique bonding experiences, corporate units, groups and individuals simply looking to pick up new experiences and skill sets.


Not Experienced?

Our experienced guides will teach you the necessary skills to build readiness and competency. In no time at all, you'll BOOST to more challenging environments.